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I see that itch for travel is getting hard to ignore. But there is just something holding you back and it is not covid. It is money.

I have been there. Heck I am still there. That point where you are dying for a vacation. You look on the internet to find where you are going to go. You find the hotel you want to stay at, a few excursions to try, and you even know the exact flight and flight number of the plane that is going to take you there.

You have no money to pay for it now, but you tell yourself you will save up. You have even put in time off work with plans of going. The months and weeks go by and you are getting closer to your vacation, but you still have not paid for anything. Now your vacation is days away and you realize you have no money to go. Your pockets are empty and that money you planned to put aside got spent on other things.

Now what? Do you cancel your vacation and go back to work on Monday or do you just stay home for your vacation? I have been there too many times to count.

But what if you could make it to your vacation? What if you found a company that had payment plans? If they allowed you to pay for your trip in monthly instalments could you make that work? What if this company never offered you anything above your budget? That way you only knew the exact vacation you could afford.

Welcome to New Adventures Await (for you). We are a travel agency specializing in getting YOU on vacation. Though our specialty is budget vacations with a bang for your buck, we can help all budgets plan a memorable vacation.

Within days of your FREE consultation, we can help you find an affordable vacation, go over payment options, but can also help you find ways to save money for your trip.