Why I became a Travel Agent
April 6, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by New Adventures Await

Have you ever wanted to go on vacation but didn’t know where to go? Maybe you only had a few days off, or you are having trouble choosing? Are you tight on funds and vacations tend to go on the waist side? Or maybe you have never traveled to far away from your home?

That was my life. I would get vacation time at work, but my budget never had enough money to go anywhere. I spent most of my life staying within about 4 hours from my house. Most years my vacations were stay-at-home vacations. It got boring. To make it worse, I was 33 years old and had never even been outside the USA.

Well, that changed recently, and I loved it! It was then that I decided I was not going to sit by and let opportunities to get out of town or country pass me by. I found a website that helps you save for trips and I started planning. Planning when and where my next vacations were going to be, and how to save the money to get there. For the first time there was hope. Hope that I too could go on trips. That I don’t have to spend my vacation watching tv.

Then I thought about the other millions of people that cannot afford luxurious vacations and I wanted to help them have vacations to remember. That is why I became a travel agent. I wanted to help people plan vacations that they would remember on almost any budget. I wanted to show them that anyone could go on a trip.

Through careful planning, and the discounts I get through the travel companies (car rental, airlines, hotel, resorts, excursions, cruise lines, and more) I can help people travel more. Some of the companies I work with offer deposits and payment plans so you don’t have to pay in full right away. I will even show you the program I use to save for my vacations.

Need even more help? For a small fee I can look over your budget and show you how you can find more money for your trip or to pay bills off sooner.

Through my blog I will talk about making the most out of weekend trips, traveling on a budget, how to save for trips even when money is tight, best places to travel to, the best times to travel, hole in the wall food joints, best activities and more.

Schedule a time for me to call you back through the contact page and let me show you how you can afford your next vacation!

There is hope! Your next vacation could be right around the corner!