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  • Cruise Liner Smashes Into Riverboat, Dock in Venice


    An MSC cruise liner apparently suffered a mechanical issue and could not stop its momentum while docking on Sunday morning, smashing into a Uniworld riverboat and the dock in Venice, Italy.

    The incident happened at 8:30 a.m. Italian time, or 2:30 EDT.

    Italian media reported that at least five people were injured in the incident.

    Uniworld released a statement that said the Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection vessel, The River Countess, was already docked and most of its 130 passengers had already departed.

  • Puerto Rico Tops List of Most Popular Flight Destinations from the US 

    Puerto Rico is a top choice for travelers. New research shows that Americans are searching for flights to the destination in droves.

    Flight-comparison site, Jetcost, found that Puerto Rico was the most popular foreign flight destination searched for from the U.S. The most searched for destination for visitors from outside of the U.S. was found to be New York City, followed by Miami and Orlando.

    The most popular domestic flights were between New York and Miami and Orlando.

    Jetcost analyzed the number of searches onsite from American airports to destinations abroad between the 1st January and 19th May 2019 to compile the data.

    These are the 10 most searched for foreign destinations from U.S. airports:

    Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico

    PHOTO: Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico. (Photo via Arrangements-Photography / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

    San Juan Luis Munoz Airport, Puerto Rico–248,220

    Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic–222,136

    Havana, Cuba–194,887

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic–149,887

    Guadalajara, Mexico–125,350

    Mexico City, Mexico–119,764

    San Salvador, El Salvador–65,400

    Holguin, Cuba–63,453

    Cancun, Mexico–52,202

    Santa Clara, Cuba–50,434

    These are the top 10 most popular U.S. cities to fly to from outside of the country:

    Spotlight on New York City

    New York City–421,472



    Los Angeles–100,526





    San Francisco–43,312


    “It was interesting to see that the top 10 searches for flights from the USA were exclusively to destinations in Central and South America, showing that Americans generally prefer to vacation close by,” said a spokesperson for Jetcost. “Unsurprisingly, New York was the most popular destination for tourists into the States, although it was interesting that Miami was the second most searched for, despite being far less busy.”

  • Boeing CEO Would Put Family on 737 Max 'Without Hesitation'


    In a portion of the interview published Thursday, the Boeing boss issued a personal apology to the families of those killed in the Lion Air Flight 610 crash last October and the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash this past March. A total of 346 people were killed in the two accidents.

    "I do personally apologize to the families. We feel terrible about these accidents, and we apologize for what happened, we are sorry for the loss of lives in both accidents, and that will never change. That will always be with us. I can tell you it affects me directly as a leader of this company, it's very difficult," said Muilenburg, who told O'Donnell that he never considered stepping down in the aftermath.

    Muilenburg admitted that mistakes were made and acknowledged the manufacturer's communication with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was "not what it should have been."

    "We clearly fell short and the implementation of this angle-of-attack disagree alert was a mistake, right, we did not implement it properly. We're confident in the fundamental safety of the airplane," he added.

    When asked if he'd put his family on a 737 Max jet, Muilenburg responded: "Without any hesitation. Absolutely."

    Boeing confirmed that the software update for 737 Max planes was completed earlier this month and FAA officials recently said the aircraft could be ungrounded by as soon as late June. However, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects the plane might not return to service until August at the earliest.


    Boeing 737 MAX

    PHOTO: Boeing 737 MAX. (photo via the_guitar_mann/iStock Editorial/Getty Images Plus)

    Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg is determined to rebuild public trust in the airline manufacturer amid the ongoing grounding of the Boeing 737 Max jet, telling CBS News that he would "absolutely" put his own family in the beleaguered plane.

    After reiterating Boeing's commitment to safety and promising a sufficient software update in March, Muilenburg recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Norah O'Donnell of CBS News.

    In the meantime, travel expert Mark Murphy points out that the grounding will have little to no impact on summer air travelers as the 737 Max makes up only a small percentage of carriers' overall fleets. Southwest Airlines flies the most with just over 30.

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